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Unique Jewelry

These pieces are unique, quality made items that can't be found anywhere else.  They can be purchased now and will be shipped directly to you within 1-3 days.  If you are interested in more than 1 piece, email me for savings on combined shipping.  If you are interested in something similar, but a different length, color, or clasp, email me and I'll see what I can do.  Click on the pictures to see a larger image.

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Freshwater Pearls and Glass

Glistening Golden Tones
Golden, copper, and brown tones glisten on this 35 1/2" necklace with freshwater pearls and glass beads.  Features a gold plated barrel clasp.  Strung on a strong multi-strand steel cord to resist breaking.  Necklace can be worn as a double strand choker or worn as displayed.
39.95 includes shipping and handling to the United States

Black, Silver and White

Black, Silver and White
24.5 inches of contrasting silver and white glass 8 mm pearls alternating with jet black glass beads make a stunning necklace that can be worn with many colors.  The necklace features a medium sized silver-plated lobster clasp and lg ring for easy opening and closing, but can also be easily slipped over your head for a really quick on and off.  Strung on a strong, multi-strand steel wire for durability.
$24.95 includes shipping and handling to the United States
E-mail if you would like a similar one.

Red Coral with Gold Plated Noodle Beads

Red Coral and Gold
Glistening red coral chips alternated with gold plated noodle beads give this necklace and bracelet an attractive twisting effect.  The matching earrings swing from simple to insert gold plated French wires.  This gorgeous set can be worn multiple ways. The 44-49" adjustable rope necklace can be worn as a tripple strand choker, a double strand princess length, a layered double strand, or as a knotted rope.  A medium sized lobster gold plated lobster makes adjusting the necklace a simple task.  The bracelet measures 8 inches, giving it a nice drape on most wrists.  It has a large spring ring clasp which is secure but not obtrusive.  The bracelet can also be attached to the necklace giving it even more possibilities for layering.
$40.95 includes shipping and handling in the United States

Titanium Colored Freshwater Pearl Set

  Freshwater Pearls
Beautful 16" silver plated chain features genuine freshwater pearls that dance around the neck.  Necklace has a two inch extension.  Matching earrings are also silver plated and comfortable French wires.  Pearls are dyed to a rich titanium color.  This set goes equally well with very formal or everyday attire.

$34.95, includes shipping and handling for United States

Champagne Glass Pearls

Champagne Glass Pearls 
A simple set of 6 and 8 mm Champagne colored glass pearls alternating on a strong multi-strand steel cord.  Measures 15.25 inches.  A gold plated two inch extension can be added for an additional $5.  Matching earrings have a 4 mm gold plated half bead and gold plated stud with comfortable clear silicone ear nuts.
This is a fun, versatile set that can be worn with so many colors.
$19.95 includes shipping and handling to the United States.

Pure White Glass Pearls

Classic White
A classic strand of pure white 8 mm pearls with a silver plated lobster clasp, two inch extension, and large split ring for easy on and off.  These are strung on a strong, mult-strand steel wire.  If you have ever wanted a set of classic pearls, but didn't want to pay hundreds of dollars, this immitation set glistens like the real thing.  These are not cheaply made plastic pearls, but a good grade of glass pearls that have a weight very similar to the real thing. 
$17.95 includes shipping and handling to the United States

Freshwater Pearls with a Hint of Green

Freshwater Pearls with Plenty of Sparkle
32 inches of gold plated chain alternating with sections of freshwater pearls and glass beads provide just a hint of green in the faceted glass crystal beads.  The easy opening, medium sized, gold-plated lobster clasp can be attached at the end of any link on the chain, making this necklace extremely versatile.  It can be worn as a double choker, princess, or matinee length. 
$31.95 includes shipping and handling to the United States

Ice Flake Quartz Nuggets

Ice Flake Quartz Nuggets
A generous 38.5 inches of freshwater pearls alternating with gold foil glass beads and ice flake quartz nuggets give this necklace lots of sparkle.  A gold plated, medium sized lobster clasp provides a secure and easy connection.  The free forms of the pearls and nuggets are brought together to form a flowing design by the alternating gold foil glass beads. 
$44.95 includes shipping and handling to the United States


Freshwater Pearls and Cut Glass
Gold freshwater pearls are alternated with amber and green cut glass beads to form a necklace that would look great year round.  Measuring 24.5 inches long, this necklace is strung on a multi-strand brass wire for durability with beauty.  It has a gold plated, medium barrel clasp that is secure but unobtrusive.
$39.95 includes shipping and handling to the United States

Golden Peach

Large Freshwater Pearls with Gold
A truly elegant set.  The penny gives you an idea of the large size of these genuine freshwater pearls that are carefully matched and strung on a strong silk cord alternating with lightly gold plated filigree beads.  The pearls are a delicate peach/pink.  The matching earrings feature the same pearls and beads.  The necklace is adjustable from 18 to 20.5 inches and features a medium sized, gold plated lobster clasp.
$36.95 includes shipping and handling in the Unitedk States

Silver Peach

Large Freshwater Pearls with Silver
The same large, peachy/pink freshwater pearls as the necklace to the left are featured here with heavily sliver plated twisted links.  The matching earrings are a full two inches long.  The choker style necklace can be adjusted up to 17 inches long.
$34.95 includes shipping and handling to the United States.

Cranberry Glass Pearls

Cranberry Glass Pearls
A rope necklace, 47 inches in length, can be worn multiple ways.  The medium sized, silver plated barrel clasp is barely noticeable, but provides an easy way to disconnect the necklace if you desire to give it an extra twist.  The 8 mm glass pearls are a light cranberry color and are accented with an clear glass bead with an AB coating that reflects light in a rainbow of colors.  The pearl sections are separated by 2 inch lengths of hammered silver plated chain.
$34.95 includes shipping and handling to the United States

Pink Pearl Illusion

Freshwater Pearl Illusion
This delicate necklace is deceptively strong.  To test it, I gave a sample to my 5 year old granddaughter to wear for 3 days straight.  Although she was pretty hard on it, even chewing on it, it didn't look any worse for the wear.  13 matched pink freshwater pearls are spaced along a thin, multi-strand brass wire and connected with a gold plated, medium sized lobster clasp.  The necklace is 16.5 inches long and fits an adult as a loose choker or a child as a princess length.  This necklace is equally at home with casual or formal attire. 
If you would like one made with a different length, clasp, or pearl color, please email me.
$19.95 for the necklace pictured above includes shippping and handling to the United States.
SOLD - please email me if you would like something similar.

Crystal illusion necklaces

Crystal Illusion
Choice of 3 similar illusion necklaces.  Each features a 6x6 mm lead crystal cube and is accented by 4 mm Swarovski Crystal Pearls.  They each measure 16 inches long and have a medium silver plated lobster clasp.
$19.95 includes shipping and handling to the United States. 
SOLD - please email me if you would like something similar. 
Be sure to state whether you would like the pink, green, or blue crystals.

Earrings, assorted

Assorted Earrings
All of the above earrings are either gold or silver plated 4 mm half bead with a gold or silver plated stud and a clear, silicone earnut.  They feature short dangles of either freshwater pearls, glass, or lead crystal beads.  Many would look great with some of the featured necklaces and would make great stocking stuffers.  Purchased by themselves, these would sell for $3.95 each, but there would be an additional $5 for shipping and handling.  I suggest you email me to take advantage of combined shipping.

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