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Birthstone Jewelry

Specializing in birthstone necklaces and bracelets featuring genuine Swarovski Crystals.


Birthstone Necklace Style 1
This dainty solid sterling silver necklace features charms made of Swarovski 10 mm Lead Crystal Hearts with a Swarovski Crystal Pearl strung on sterling silver wire.  The clasp is a small spring ring.  The solid sterling chain features links made of tiny hearts. This particular necklace is my own grandmother necklace and has been worn many times.  Each custom necklace is priced differently according to the different options available and the number of crystals needed.     To estimate the cost of a necklace of this type, this 16" necklace with the 9 charms and 2" extension would be $77.45, which includes shipping and handling.


Birthstone Necklace Style 2
This is a double necklace made of solid sterling and featuring a solid sterling "Gratitude" charm and 10 mm Swarovski Crystal Hearts on solid sterling wire.  Many other charms are available with words, "Mother", "Grandmother", "Family" , etc. 


Birthstone Necklace Style 3
This is a solid sterling figaro chain featuring dangles made of Swarovski Crystal 8 mm bicones.  Options include: plain link chain in sterling or silver plate, and toggle, magnetic, or extra large clasps.  Shown are 3 sapphire dangles. 

Birthstone Necklace Style 4

Birthstone Necklace Style 4
This necklace features 4 mm Swarovski Crystal Pearls with 8 mm Swarovski Crystal Bicones strung on a strong multistrand steel wire.  A solid sterling clasp and 2 inch extension are also shown.  Options include replacing the Swarovski Crystal Pearls with either silver plated or solid sterling 4 mm beads.


Birthstone Bracelet Style 1
A more conventional charm bracelet.  Made of either solid sterling or silver plate, the charms are made of 8 mm Swarovski Crystal Bicones.  It is an excellent choice if more birthstones may need to be added in the future.  Pictured are 3 Swarovski Hematite bicones.  These are not birthstones.  They are a beautiful, deep black.


Birthstone Bracelet Style 2
Similar to the Birthstone Necklace Style 4, the bracelet shown features silver beads and Swarovski 8 mm Crystal Bicones.
Example prices of 3 options, including shipping and handling:
4 mm silver plated beads and 9 crystals, $32.70
4 mm Swarovski pearls with 9 crystals, $ $43.55
4 mm solid sterling beads and any number of crystals $55.95

All birthstone jewelry is custom made individually, just for you.  Therefore, expect 3-4 weeks to receive your jewelry from the time you order.  I'll usually get it to you sooner, but I cannot guarantee earlier delivery.  Prices shown are effective December 6, 2007, and are subject to change according to the fluctuation in the silver market.
Bracelets are approximately 8" in length, including the clasp.  Please specify if you require larger or smaller.  The 8" length will fit most wrists with some drape.
Swarovski Crystal Pearls are a very high grade, man made pearl.  In the 4 mm size that is used for these necklaces and bracelets, they actually cost more than A grade natural pearls.  They are made to the same high standards of the Swarovski Crystals that have dominated the lead crystal market for many years.  They have a Swarovski Crystal at their center and then have layers built up around them.  They are stronger than natural pearls in that they are harder.  Natural pearls absorb skin oils, perfumes, etc. and are therefore much more delicate.  Since birthstone jewelry is often worn frequently, they are a better choice than natural pearls.  Please note, that the crystals and the pearls both contain lead crystals and therefore, contain lead.  I have chosen to use them because they are very durable and nothing sparkles like lead crystal. 
Trying to decide between silver plate or solid sterling?  My personal opinion is that the added cost of the solid sterling is a good buy for jewelry that is going to be worn frequently.  With time, depending on how frequently an item is worn and polished, the silver plating will wear off.  The solid sterling will far outlast silver plate. 
Are you wondering why there are different prices for the bicone Swarovski Crystals?  It is because the crystals are 8 mm in size and replace 2 beads or pearls.  At the present time, the cost of 2 solid sterling 4 mm beads is about the same as 1 Swarovski Crystal 8mm.  So, there is not an additional charge for the crystals.  The cost of the pearls and silver plated beads are deducted from the cost of the Swarovski Crystal, and the difference is figured in. 
After browsing through the designs, you can get an exact quote on your custom designed birthstone necklace or bracelet by sending a description of what you want to the link below.  Please include the months you need in their proper order.

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